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    Problems with tags and keywords imported in LR6 from PSE14

    Faux Toto


      I do apologize for the length. This post is seeking a solution to problems concerning tags and keywords imported in LR6 from PSE14.


      Background and chronology of what I did

      I upgraded my PC desktop to Window 10, Intel I7-6700 CPU, 16 GB RAM. By the same occasion, I upgraded from PSE10 to PSE14, and acquired LR6 (DVD version).

      On my old computer, through the PSE10 File menu, I backed-up my PSE10 catalog on an external drive. I installed PSE14 on my new computer. Through the PSE14 File menu, I restored the PSE 10 catalog in PSE14. All my photos were properly transferred to the hard drive of my new computer. As well, the tags, their hierarchic structure and my albums were properly transferred from PSE10 to PSE14.

      I then installed LR6. Through the LR6 File menu, I imported my PSE14 catalog in LR6 by using the option “Import a Photoshop Elements Catalog”. The photos and albums were properly imported in LR6. However, the PSE14 tags were not properly imported in LR6.

      From the File menu in PSE14 I verified that the PSE14 catalog had no files to be reconnected. I also checked for errors in the PSE14 catalog and, even if none was found, I did the “repare anway” procedure. In Windows File Explorer I deleted the LR6 catalog folders. Again, by using the option “Import a Photoshop Elements Catalog”, I imported my PSE14 catalog in LR6. Again I obtained similar results, with similar tag and keyword errors in LR6.

      On my hard drive, all the pictures are stored from one common parent folder. Windows File Explorer tells me that it contains 6 138 files in 237 folders. The names of the folders are all dates, mainly on the yyyy dd mm format. The image files are also exclusively named by numbers, in most cases assigned automatically by the camera (generally in the “IMG_nnnn” format). Thus, to find and manage my pictures, I must be able to rely on the tags I have carefully created in PSE over the years.

      The issue

      The tags imported in LR6 are affected by so many serious flaws that they have become useless. As a consequence, they make LR6 worthless for the tasks of organizing and managing the imported photos. Manually retagging the photos imported in LR6 is not an option. 

      Description of some of the tag and keyword errors found in LR6


      More specifically, here is a description of some of the tag and keyword errors found in LR6:

      - All the tag hierarchies I had previously created in PSE have been flatten in the keyword list of LR6, except for the tags that were in the People tag section in PSE14.

      - LR6 tells me in its Library that I have a total of 5 666 images, version sets opened. From that number, 2 100 were imported without any tag - verified in “Metadata, keyword, non” filter. PSE14 tells me in the Media tab that I have a total of 5 108 images, version sets closed. The “Find menu” in PSE14 only finds 64 “Untagged items”, which is most probably accurate.

      - As an example, the tag “Halloween 2008” gives me 4 results in LR6, while it gives me 23 results in PSE14. I know that these 23 pictures are in the same “2008 10 31” folder on my hard drive. When I browse by folder in LR6, in the left pane, I see all the 23 pictures. However, when I look at them one by one, it shows in the right pane that only 4 have the “Halloween 2008” tag. I also observed that 8 others have a weird “zzABC@11#” keyword, which I do not have a clue where it comes from.

      - The “zzABC@11#” keyword appears as the last one in the keyword list. It is present in 1869 different pictures, sometimes alone, sometimes with other original tags imported from PSE14.

      The question

      Is there a way I can properly import my tags in LR6 from PSE14?

      Thank you.