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    Transcription Problem

      Hi, guys

      I had to do a little project in AS3 and I managed to get it working then I found out I needed it to convert it to AS2 as well. I'm a stranger to AS2 but I did my best yet now it does not work:(
      I've attached the code, Flash does not show any errors so I'm stuck:(
      I've attached the code.

      basically there are 1000 circles built through an array and when I press start_btn, the circles should dissapear randomly until there is none left, pause_btn for pause and rewind_btn for rewind. Also in the text box txt_ne it's suppose to say how many are left. txt_t and txt_dez are calculated using the value from txt_ne.

      Please, help me get it to work.
      Thanks in advance.
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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          Have a look at this rough edit of your code. In AS2, you need to create empty movieClips that will become your circles. There is no drawCircle function in AS2, you have to use the curveTo method to draw the circles. I arbitrarily set the circles to be 8 pixels in diameter. You don't need to create event listeners to have an enterframe loop. When assigning a function to an mouse event, don't include the parens.