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    mp4 file only displaying video from OBS?


      I have been using Premiere Elements 12 for about 5-6 months now and I haven't had any issue with it, I record video on my computer using OBS(Open Broadcaster Software)

      I have also been using OBS for like 3 months, and if you used OBS before you would know that it can take up quite a bit of CPU if you don't have some settings enabled which I didn't know existed at the time, so I looked for something that would use my CPU since I have something from AMD, finally found something, I recorded like a 22 minute video when I tried putting it into Adobe Elements 12 it would only show up as audio, even though is clearly a mp4, so I did some testing and turned off the setting that would allow my AMD card to work and did a test and recorded a short clip and that worked even though they are both mp4, I asked on their forums and they said it was with the editor, how can I fix this?