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    LiveCycle ES2 data drop down list issue

    davidh24219006 Level 1

      I am attempting to make a dynamic form based upon a SQL 2008R2 database table. I need to have a data drop down list that populates from the database, and then when that list item is chosen, populate the remainder of the document fields from the database based upon that selection from the drop down list. I understand the drop down has to be bound to the data connection, but I am having trouble getting the list items to act like the documentation says they should. Here's what I have done thus far:

      1. Under tools/options I have designated the data binding are to display dynamic content.

      2. I have created a data connection to the database, and can see all database fields in the data view tab, and can also place those fields onto the document.

      3.When I place the data drop down list onto the form, I indicate the list to be bound to the data connection I created previously, and the binding tab has this: '$record.DataConnection.databasefield".

      4. From what I understand, the field tab, list items should be a green hyperlink, and it is not. I have no idea why, or how to accomplish what I need to do from here.


      Am I asking too much of the software or am I missing something to make this happen. I have struggled with this for a few days now, and am about ready to move to something else for reporting. Can anyone assist?


      Thanks for any advice or help