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    What is the best PC configuration for Premiere Pro CC? Is it more Cores or more RAM or more GPU?

    VitoFanelli Level 1

      What kind of PC konfiguration is the best solution for 4K video editing in Premiere Pro CC?

      Somebody says is the CPU, other says is the Ram.... I´m confused about the informations. Maybe is that a good solution?

      • Intel 7 5960x 8 Core
      • 64GB Ram 3000mh ore more...
      • SSD m2 PCIe 512gb
      • SSD 840 Pro for OS
      • Gforce Titan x

      Now I have:

      • Intel 7 3770K
      • Titan x
      • 32GB 1600mh
      • Takt 4.1GH

      Hope someone can tell me the best solution for that.



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