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    Lightroom mobile (Android) stopped syncing to desktop app

    Rapak11 Level 1

      Shortly after first use of the latest Lr version for Android, I set it to Sync Only Over Wifi, and now it has stopped syncing Added photos to the desktop version. Sync is ON on the desktop app, and my first photos are there, but nothing since.


      The photos are taken using the Galaxy Note 5's default camera app, then I use Add Photos to add them from the camera folder to Lr Mobile. On the desktop app, the first images were added to my catalog in an Imported Folder, and the phone was added as a "drive" as Samsung SM-N920V. I think the device was automatically added to the catalog because it was connected by USB at that time.


      Also, even though I'm taking the photos in "Pro" mode with the RAW option on, Lr is only adding the JPEG version. Any suggestion? Thanks!



      Using Windows 10.