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    anchored objects to position always on top of a page but are flowing also automatically to next page




      I worked for along time with Adobe FrameMaker for larger publications like books and reports. In FrameMaker it was possible for any anchored object for which the corresponding anchor floated with the text to assign the option, that the anchored object would be positioned on the nearest page top or page bottom or to flow at all with the text, but to move automatically to the next page, if there was no space left on the previous page. Even in InDesign an anchored object is never placed on the corresponding top of the same page if the anchor in the text appears in a following paragraph. In InDesign such a functionality seems to be missing since ever? Is there any best practice in InDesign CS 6 or InDesign CC 2015 by native resources or with additional plugins to accomplish this essential task?


      Many thanks an with best regards