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    Selected textFrame contains a dash?

    subieguy2 Level 3

      Is there a way that I can search through the selected text items and if the text frame contains a dash push the entire contents of the text frame into an array?


      If it doesn't contain a dash it would just skip it.


      so for example:


      The following text would be selected....

      SNJ1-UP   RYT245-587    WRX1-107   J:37


      There would be 4 items in the selection...

      and it would push the content to an array dashFrames[]; which would have 3 text frame items in it...

      dashFrames[0]  =  SNJ1-UP

      dashFrames[1]  =  RYT245-587

      dashFrames[2]  =  WRX1-107