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    Create Merged Document-- Does nothing.

    dablondeemu Level 1

      I am to create an indd document using data merge. From the data merge pannel I am able to export a pdf which work correctly.  However there a few small changes I still need to make to the pages of the docuemnt, so I need to create a merged indd.

      When I click Create Merged Document, have the settings the way I need them, and hit ok, it gives 1 missing image warning (expected that), and then I get the loading mouse....... then nothing. The mouse goes back to "normal" and no new documetn is created.


      So far I have,

      1. updated
      2. removed all plug ins
      3. reset prefs
      4. completely in installed and re installed indd.


      Nothing has fixed it. Any Ideas?? This is a feature I use all the time and really need it back up and running

      I am using CS6 design and web premium on windows 10