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    Can't get data merge to create multiple frames on a page

    Peter B. Bailey Level 1


      I'm going nuts here with data merge. I've successfully used it three or four times in the past months, but, now, it ain't working. And, I have no idea why.


      I'm on a Mac. I've got the very latest OSX and the very latest InDesign. 2015.2 Release, Build


      I want to make labels, four up to an 8.5 x 11 page. So, my master page has four text frames with a logo character in each frame.


      On the document page I've played and played with the three data merge entries. If you manually drag the data merge entries up onto the page, the "chevrons" that it puts around each entry are double chevrons. They are NOT the actual single-character entries you get by typing Option + \.


      I've tried it with dragging those entries. I've tried it with literally typing them in. And, of course, I make each of them use the specific paragraph or character style needed.


      When I do a "Create Merged Document," it creates as many pages as I have records in my text file. 27 records. So, I have 27 pages. And, I should have one-fourth of that. It's putting each record in the upper left frame of 27 pages instead of filling up all 4 frames for, I guess, 7 pages.