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    Running Header


      I'm creating a book that has 25 indd documents in it.  For the front matter (the first document), I've set the A-Master up with running headers and footers above and below the main text area.  On the left side page at the top, I have the name of the book.  At the bottom of both pages, I have the page number.  At the top of the right hand page I have set a text variable for the chapter name using the unique paragraph style that only the chapter name uses.

      When I opened the Chapter 1 document and loaded the A-Master from the front matter document and replaced the existing A-Master with the new one, the information on the left page was correct (book title and page number) and the page number was correct on the right hand page, but there was no chapter name in the header.  Because, I wanted to delete the header and footer on the Ch 1 title page, I clicked the Override All Master Items selection for the title page and, voila, the chapter name appeared in the correct place on all pages in Ch1.  I continued to do this for each of the 16 chapters in the book, BUT for two of the chapters, it didn't work (only for the chapter name, chapter numbers are fine), and I've been tearing my hair (not much left on top anyway) trying to understand why this is happening.  I've double checked, deleted reinserted the variable, but can't get just those two chapters to work.  AND I need to do this for the annexes, bibliography and  glossary at the end of the book.  I used the first annex's A-Master after I loaded the front matter's A-Master and changed the chapter name text variable to "annex" using the specific paragraph style for the annex title, and again no entry and my trick of overriding the master page items didn't work.

      Does anyone out there have an idea what I might be **** wrong?   Since it's only two chapters and the end matter, I could just manually enter the info on each page, but I would really like to know why this is happening and how to remedy it.