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    Insets are lost when creating text frame with object style

    Eli Bishop

      I'm using InDesign CC 2015. I have an object style with the following settings:

      • 1 pt stroke
      • rounded corners of 0.15 cm
      • vertical justification: center
      • all-around inset spacing of 0.1 cm


      When I set that style as the default text frame style, and then use the text tool to create a frame, all the settings are applied correctly except the insets. I end up with a text frame with the correct stroke, corners, font, etc. but no insets.


      It thinks it has insets— if I select that frame and choose Text Frame Options, it shows the 0.1 cm inset in the dialog. And the Object Styles panel shows that my style is selected, and it doesn't have a "+", so it thinks the frame is entirely in accordance with my style. But the text is still running right up against the frame.


      The weird thing is, if I click a different style in the styles panel, and then click back to my style, my frame is fixed— it now has all of the style settings including the insets!


      goodframe.png(after changing the style and changing it back again)