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    InDesign won't import/export the entire .pdf


      I am using InDesign 2015 CC.  I created a 7.5" x 10.25" document with .375" bleed around all edges for final dimensions of 8.25" x 11".  The top and bottom contains whitespace within the bleed and the sides are filled with an image.


      When I create a .pdf and go to File > Properties > Description, the page size is listed at 8.25" x 11",  However, when I create a new InDesign document and place the file, InDesign is automatically cropping the white space around the top and bottom bleed. 


      Why is InDesign automatically cropping my .pdf around the whitespace?  How do I get InDesign to create a .pdf out of the entire document measuring 8.25" x 11".


      I sent my ad to the printers and they weren't able to print because the .pdf doesn't have a bleed?  I used a quick workaround by sizing a white rectangle to 8.25" x 11" and placing on it's own layer behind all the graphic elements.  This way, InDesign created a .pdf out of the entire document.  I'd like to figure this problem out so I don't run into this issue again in the future.


      I'm pretty sure that placing a white box around the entire document is not the correct way to do this is it?


      I asked the same question on the Acrobat Pro DC forum and they suggested that I ask the question here.  They too are having the same issue.  It doesn't seem to be an Acrobat issue, it seems to be an InDesign issue.  For some reason, InDesign is automatically cropping the document around whitespace and I don't know why.


      Thank you