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    I don't understand lightroom's file structure

    phil_1 Level 1

      I've been using ligtroom for a little while now and I never really took the time to try to understand the lightroom file structure. Looking at it now, I'm totally confused.


      I'm vacationing and taking tons of photos and importing them to my laptop,(and an external hard drive).

      As my trip comes to an end, I'm wondering how to transfer all of these catalogs over to my desktop when I get home. Without messing up all of the files that are already there.

      So I start looking at my Lightroom folders in my documents, and I have like 6 lightroom 6 develop folders, 2 lightroom 6 develop previews.irdata folders, Which I am unable to open and have no idea what's in them.

      And I have one folder on my desktop called new lightroom 6, which has a file called lightroom 6 in it which has all of my latest pix.

      How do I consolidate this mess when I don't know what's in half the folders since I'm unable to open most of them?

      Short question is- How do I get catalogs/collections from my laptop lightroom app to my desktop lightroom app?

      Thank You