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    Shadow posterization on new monitor.




      I got a new monitor a while ago, a dell U2515H. I don't do much printing so full AdobeRGB isn't really necessary.
      However, when looking at somewhat darker images in Lightroom, I get this horrible greyish posterization in the shadow areas.


      This problem only appears in Lightroom, and not Photoshop, Photo Mechanic, Preview or any other picture viewer. So I'm a bit puzzled.
      When I turn Soft Proofing on with the sRGB profile the image looks perfectly fine. So my guess is that Lightroom can only show images Adobe RGB, which in turn messes with my monitors actual gamut. But then again, it looks good on my built in Retina screen which doesn't have a particularly wide gamut either.


      Here's a comparison of a crop in LR (above) vs. PS (below). I hope other people can see the difference as well. Otherwise I guess something is off with my monitor?



      Screenshot 2016-03-02 23.15.15.jpg



      Anyone has a clue?


      BTW. I'm on Osx.