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    Embedded Frames not working on Main Timeline


      Hi. I'm trying to create a walking cycle for my character. I've only created 4 frames.


      1. The first walking position (right leg forward)
      2. The resting position (standing straight up, all parts vertical and in line)
      3. The second walking position (left leg forward)
      4. Ends back at the first walking position ( so it can loop)

      This is how I have my layers (embedded frames)

      • Main Time Line : Character
        • Character Layer: The Main body parts (head, torso, rt leg, lf leg, rt arm, lf arm)
          • Main body parts: Smaller body parts (leg= thigh, calf, foot)
            • Smaller body parts: Only the foot is broken down into the front and back so I can bend it

      I have positioned the character and have repeated the process for each part, always making sure that I am on the right frame.

      The 1st, 2nd, and 4th Keyframes work right but I cannot get the 3rd keyframe to work right.

      3rd Keyframe

      So I copied and pasted the first keyframe into the 3rd keyframe.

      I do this for each and every body part.

      I reposition the body parts making sure that every layer of the body part frame has the updated 3rd keyframe

      I scrub the Main Body Parts time line: In the middle of the 3rd keyframe and the 4th the foot reverts back to the 2nd keyframe position!

      I scrub the Main Timeline: The same thing.

      So I recheck the timelines for the foot (the main layer & the layers with the front and back part of the foot): The main layer has the reverting problem but the parts of the foot layer runs perfectly.

      I've reverted my file and redid all the frames 2 times and I'm still having the same problem.