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    Adobe Photoshop Touch App wont stop glitching thanks to Adobe's sucky policy to take adobe out of the app store


      For about a year, this glorious Photoshop app had been my lifesaver. It introduced me to the Photoshop language and made it easier to use Photoshop on my school computer in when needed in the future. This app was LET ME REPEAT, WAS amazing. BUT NO, THAT'S NOT ENOUGH FOR ADOBE, SO THEY TOOK IT OFF THE APP STORE.

      NOW, IT WONT SAVE MY PROJECTS, DELETES MY PROJECTS WHEN I AM ABLE TO SAVE THEM, OR QUITS THE APP BEFORE I CAN EVEN SAVE THEM. Does anyone know if there is a dupe for this app or how to fix it because literally this app was so amazing, like words could not describe how amazing it was and now that they took it off the market (which by the way I JUST NOW FOUND OUT BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T NOTIFY ANYONE PROPERLY)


      Excuse me if I'm angry, but i have the freaking right to be. Congrats on adobe pooping on their best app. also please replace all freakings with the f bomb to show how displeased (understatement) i am with adobe.