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    Microsoft Edge

    Ali Walker Level 1

      Hi I just created a company timeline in Edge animate. It all functions fine, except in Microsoft edge, where the actions such as "sym.Play until Frame x" and "sym.stop at frame x" etc seem not to work properly.


      Any ideas on solving this, or does Adobe Edge not like Microsoft Edge at al


      Thanks in advance,


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          joel_pau Level 5



          So, i tested Microsoft Edge using sym.play(1000) and sym.playReverse();

          It's correctly played.


          Latest Windows 10: 10586.122 released on 1 march.

          Latest Microsoft Edge 25.10586.0.0

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            Ali Walker Level 1

            Hi Joel,


                 I think my problem is partly to do with Edge and the way it caches the site? I literally have to flush cache, close both Edge's and restart the computer and then it seems to work better when using the preview. Firefox etc work fine using preview. Also, when the timeline initially loads it seems to only load some images despite having show images on, and visibility on etc. Any ideas?