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    How can I re-download AE CC2014


      Hundreds of dollars in plugins won't work on 2015, And you auto deleted my 2014. Can't find a redownload anywhere.


      Really disappointed with the track that Adobe is on. It really feels like you care more about stock holders than your users. Every update feels like one step forward and two steps back. I've been around for a long time and you are one solid competitor from loosing alot of business. Adobe could very easily become the Quark to the new guys In design, or the Final cut X to your Premiere. Stop making the mistakes your old competitors have made!!!! Stop the useless updates on things that don't work and start fixing the promises you made to us years ago. I'm looking at you dynamic link! And all of 2015 runs like crap on my computer.


      CC2015 is going down as the Windows ME of the Adobe world!!!