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    Masking the "Beam" effect

    MatthewsM7 Level 1

      I need you AE Experts to help me!
      I'm connecting two circles with the beam effect and pick whipping the start and end point of the effect to two separate circles. I NEED the inner part of the circle transparent and I need the line (beam) to move with the position of the circles (I'm going to wobble them). So, I have the beam effect successfully tracked to the circles.. I just need to cut out the excess beam in the inner part of each circle with a mask.


      Everything I do doesn't want to work. I have tried using the "compositing options" in the beam effect, and that seems to work to mask it out -- but the mask won't track with the circle! This is my problem.


      Can anyone solve this for me? I will be very greatful. Screenshot for reference: