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    import aperture library


      Having difficulty importing an Aperture library into Lightroom CC. First, I created a new Lightroom catalog for the Aperture files. Then I used the Aperture tool to convert a library from managed to referenced. The referenced files are in a new folder on my hard drive. I also created a new destination folder for Lightroom to put the import into. 


      If I right click an image in Aperture, I can see that it is properly referencing the new referenced folder so that's good. If I click an image in the new file in Finder, it opens great so I have a second way of proving that the files moved properly.


      But, when I use the "import Aperture Library" plug-in in Lightroom CC, the source and destination folders are grayed out.


      That's what I'm not understanding. For some reason, Lightroom does not want to recognize the newly relocated files even though it shows them all in a grayed out folder.


      Can anyone shed light on this?