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    Premiere Elements 11: Black Border around DVD menu Video


      I'm working on a dvd menu in premiere elements 11 until I've transitioned to pro and can work smoothly in that.

      I'm not interested in buying a new program or doing something excessively complicated because this project needs to be done quickly.

      When I make a video background I get this black border around it like this


      I've tried Using MPEG NTSC 1080p, MPEG NTSC 720p, F4V 1080p, and AVI 720p(which made it worse)

      I've tried 2 different themes (Pan&Zoom and Retro)

      If there is a specific format, a work around, or (forgive me for this sacrilege) a patch for Elements.

      (Also if there's a way to prevent BadDrivers.txt that would be great)