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    Multiple Applications and RPC

      I'm having problems with loading multiple sub-applications and making remote calls to BlazeDS. I get an error saying: TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert Object@ce33921 to mx.messaging.messages.ErrorMessage.

      I have read a few places that I should use registerClassAlias or that I need to create a Bootstrap application that loads some of the required classes. However, I haven't been successful with either. Does someone have an example of how to load multi-version sub-applications that can also make remote calls?

      Here is some more information about my current attempt:

      When the application starts it has a preloader that loads messaging classes (Preloader below). Then when other sub-applications are added I create a new ApplicationDomain to use for the loader context. I would like to have the new sub-applications as siblings to the main application but still have the same messaging classes. Is this the correct approach? Any suggestions?