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    Comuputer thinks InDesign CS6 is CC and will not let me open my program without a subscription


      I have the adobe CS6 creative suite installed on my computer and use it almost every day. A few months ago I purchased a monthly subscription to InDesign CC and used that for a couple of months before deactivating it. I then continued to use my InDesign CS6 with no problems. Today my InDesign CS6 froze on me after I saved a PDF of my file, so I force quit the program. Now every time I try to re-launch InDesign CS6, Adobe Application Manager pops up and tells me that I need to renew my subscription to Creative cloud be able to use it! Very frustrating. All of my other CS6 programs open for me the same, it's just InDesign that I'm having issues with. I am using a Mac. How do I stop this from happening so that I can go back to using my InDesign CS6 as usual again? Thanks!