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    Pressure sensitive eraser


      Hi everyone I think this is one of those things that I just don't know how hasn't been addressed as if no one noticed and can't think I'm the only one bothered by that.


      Why the eraser is pressure-sensitive when using the top of the pen and not when using the tip?


      How to reproduce this issue:

      1. Grab a graphics tablet with a eraser on the top (some Bamboos, intuos, cintiq, surface pro 1, 2, haven't tried SP3, maybe some chinese ones? not sure)

      2. Make a fill.

      3. Make sure pen pressure is enabled and working.

      4. using the tip: Select Eraser (E) and erase a part of the fill.

      5. using the top: Select Brush (B) and erase a part of the fill.




      PS: I really appreciate the advances that have been made in the drawing and animation part of flash that have been postponed too long and although at first don't look revolutionary at least shows adobe finally wants to support flash as an animation and illustration tool and make the artists' life a bit easier.