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    Stuck at 18% export using "P4P_v10_IDCS5_PDF-X1a"


      Hey folks,


      An issue seems to have cropped up out of nowhere and I can't seem to find a solution anywhere, perhaps you can help.


      I produce a lot of stuff for print, and I've been using the Pass4Press PDF export settings "P4P_v10_IDCS5_PDF-X1a", exporting from InDesign.  It's been fine for the better part of 5 years through various jobs, but this past week every single PDF I try to export using this setting or the V9 hangs at 18% export and just doesn't budge.  I've switched over to the Ghent workgroup 2012 spec settings but, call it curiosity, I want to know why the P4P settings suddenly stopped working for even the simplest of files.


      Any light you can shed is much appreciated!