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    Animate arms separatly ?


      Hello, thank you for your help, your time to answer, and thank you for Ch :  great future soft !


      I try to animate arms with my mouse. I have one mouse, so i can animate only one arm per records !

      I start first recording and animate left arm. Stop recording.

      I start second recording and animate right arm. Stop recording.

      But only one arm is animate, the last recording, the last take ! The first take is not active.

      I try mix but not efficient !


      How can i mix both or several recording ?

      How can i separate arms animation ?

      When i animate one thing, how can i see, during the new recording, the other records ?



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          KJerryK MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          One way to do what you want is to open the puppet in the Ch puppet panel (double click the puppet). Then select each arm individually and add the dragger behavior.for that arm.


          Then go to the scene, and turn off (click the red spot so it is not red) the record indicator for each dragger behavior except the one you want to record (say, right arm). Record that motion. Then return cursor to the beginning of the timeline, turn off the the right arm recording, and turn on the left arm. Then record that. You should now have two recordings in the time line, one for each arm.

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            Hi, I think I don't get that right. I double click my root puppet in the puppet panel, so I'm actually in that puppet? Then on what part/puppet do I put the draggers? I have several puppets in there (side body, front body, side head, front head). If I put a dragger in there somewhere it does nothing. The reason I'm trying this, is because I want to see the movement of one arm while animating the other. Will this make it possible?

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              treppenmanfred Level 1

              Ok, got it now. I just built another character and figured it out (grouped arms and hands together and put the draggers and sticks directly on them). And to answer my own question: Yes, now I can see the already animated draggers moving while I animate additional ones.

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                oksamurai Employee Moderator

                This was changed in Preview 4 - now it should just work automatically and make new take tracks for each draggable handle individually. No need to do the adding extra Dragger behavior workflow above!

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                  treppenmanfred Level 1

                  Yes, I'm aware of that. But the seeing-what-the-other-arm-does-while-i-record-this-one-part didn't work for me. Or am I doing something wrong?

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                    oksamurai Employee Moderator

                    Oh okay - yes, if you wanted to see each performance you'd have to add more dragger behaviors as stated above. This is because every time you arm dragger, we don't know what & when you're going to drag, so all of them are set in their default position. We'll probably try to make this easier in the future too.