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    Send to Premiere Pro - real filenames please

    john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      When the user sends a project to Premiere Pro, why can't the JPEGs retain the original filenames?


      After all, what Premiere Pro really requires is the project's XML file, and it's just as easy to code its filename properties to list a "DSC_2708.jpg" or "150612_0013 Rosthwaite.jpg" as it is to point to a system filename like "2F11CAE8-B919-4992-94BE-2D58AB4E6F5F.jpg".


      From a user's point of view, once you have sent a project to a full desktop app, your workflows are less narrowly-defined than in the iOS app. You might want to do stuff like go back to the original for "2F11CAE8-B919-4992-94BE-2D58AB4E6F5F.jpg" and fine tune it in Photoshop or Lightroom, so was it "DSC_2708.jpg" or the very-similar "DSC_2709.jpg".... And then you want to edit "10F020C9-E78B-4519-84B8-EC462B361373.jpg" too....


      Or let's imagine you decide to tweak all the JPEGs in that collection. Because the Premiere Pro movie project media folder uses these ugly system filenames, you can't simply replace the JPEGs. Instead, you would need to go all the way back to Clip and output the project again, potentially sacrificing the work you've done in Premiere Pro. It's a snakes and ladders -style workflow.


      So please send the JPEGs with their original filenames - and any metadata too