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    Import capture time from two different camera manufacturers




      I shoot fuji and nikon cameras, I need the files to be imported and renamed on import by capture time as it is displayed in the import dialogue.
      I copy all the files from both cameras into one folder on the desktop and import to catalogue from there.


      The fuji files are imported first and then the nikons leaving me with files that aren't ordered by capture time in numerical order

      This means i'll have 01.raf 02.raf 03.raf and then 10.nef 11.net 12.net when 11.net was actually taken after 02.raf in timing

      This used to be possible but i'm informed by the poor customer service department you have that it's something that was possible but not now in Lightroom CC


      Any ideas or fixes? Any reason adobe are fecking with things that dont need to be fecked with?

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          Rikk-Flohr Adobe Community Professional


          In the Tool bar in the bottom of your Grid View is a Sort Order pulldown. If you don't see it, hit [ T ] to activate the toolbar.  Set the Sort Order to "Capture Time". That will solve the Lightroom side.


          Next: Make sure that your Nikon and your Fuji are exactly synced in on-camera date/time stamp.  If one of them starts to vary, you can always use the Metadata>Edit Capture Time… function to correct the errant camera and get your source.


          If you ensure these two things are done, you will get a correct chronological order to your images in Grid view.