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    Lightroom mobile workflow with photoshop fix

    VinnyBou Level 1



      I'm trying the "photography" plan for adobe creative cloud.


      What I'm interested the most in is importing my photo in my desktop lightroom then go away with my ipad to continue editing. Unfortunately, I don't understand why spot healing has been integrated in a separate app (photoshop fix) instead of directly in lightroom mobile.


      It seems that every time I do some changes in other apps like photoshop fix and save my work to lightroom, it create a new jpeg file. Is there something I don't understand ? I don't want a new jpeg in my lightroom library everytime I need to remove a spot or something...

      There must be a way to only just apply changes to the smart preview of my raw file and continue to work on it ? I don't wanna a have a new jpeg file every time I make some changes. That doesn't make any sense.

      Tell me there is something I'm missing please...