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    Errors at Day 2 Video 4

    the real Jeboslav
      Every Video tutorial starts with a little different version that the last ended. That makes a lot of problems. I finally got stuck at the Day 2 Video 4. When I try to write the new file as I see it in the video i get a lot of errors. I have lost least 3 hours fixing this.
      I know that we should only use the video for reference and do the exercises, but the video is making enough problems understanding it, so I am not even thinking about doing the exercises.
      Is it too much to ask to have the source files from the videos?

      Anyway, can anyone help me with the attached code code? I get an error:
      "Severity and Description Path Resource Location Creation Time Id
      1120: Access of undefined property city. EmployeeDisplay/src EmployeeDisplay.mxml line 39 1236023923914 175".