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    Ch and Workflow dream


      In order to have a workflow more efficient, to have less render, less go-back between softs,

      to reduce useless time, to conserve the quality of my source, the dynamic comp and the vector layer are the answer !


      I explain my work logic :

      - i create a puppet with Ai or Ps

      - i animate separatly and independently lips, head, arm left, arm right, legs, body of the puppet in Ch (with video file import and analysis like audio files)

      - i compose my elements in Ae (background, foreground, effects, lights …) with a dynamic comp of the puppet animation link to Ch (auto update)

      - i modify any layers of my puppet like a vector layer (color, thickness, aspect, scale, position…texture ?….) in my Ae dynamic comp

      - i do render in Ae, and finally import and edit my renders file in Pr !


      I like Ch ! Thank you Ch team !

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Thanks for the suggestion! The current PNG sequence + wav was just the quickest first thing we could do for exporting - we are actively working on better workflows. Stay tuned for some more news on this in the next few months!