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    I have problems signature and "save as"


      I have problems with signature because the programe obligate me to "save as" There is a way than I can choose to save or not? I want save document after the signature not before. Now it is configurated in a way that first said me Save as" and after appears the signature. Thanks

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          IsakTen Level 4

          "Save as" is a mandatory step in the digital signature signing process. The signed content is the bytes on disk, so Acrobat needs to create these bytes in order to get the signed content. After signing is complete it overrides the same file adding the digital signature information to it. So, you do get the signature in the saved PDF even though the 'Save as' dialog appears before you see the signature. Only if there some bizarre problems during signing (like power  outage) you may end up with a PDF on your hard drive not signed, but such cases are very rare