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    Delete Attachement/Annotation based on description

    BlueGirl Level 1

      I have two button to attached two different files and have coded it to show a specific description when viewing the properties. For this example lets say one is "dog" the other is "cat".

      so that the end user does not have to go to the attachment pan and manually delete the file, I need a script that will only delete the file type with a description of "cat".


      FYI Background.

      Ap: Adobe Pro XI, I do not have Livecycle

      I am already using a reset button to wipe the whole form, which works great. I have already coded that if a user selects an item from a drop down box, it makes the "cat" attachment button available, however if the user for what ever reason changes the drop down selection after attaching the "cat" file, the attachment remains and does not delete.  Since attachments are annotations versus object, what would be the script to just recognize if the file description is "cat", remove it - Then I will add it to my drop down box script.