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    Which GPU GTX 980 or NVIDIA Quadro?

    Assaf Frank Level 1


      I'm looking to change my GTX 670 2GB to a newer GPU. not sure which one to buy?

      I have high end i7 5960X 8 Core with M.2 PCI Express SSD. 64GB RAM and 4K display Dell UP3214Q


      Lightroom CC 2015.4


      My raw files are big, Phase one IQ 280 with 80 MP and also panoramas of 200MP up too 450MP.


      the sliders are moving OK on the panoramas and the individual files but at times I get a black screen (not responding) every time I change the White balance or another slider (this doesn't happens all the time) so I'm not sure why it is happening, and the worst bit is when I try to do spot removal on the panorama images (I switch off the GPU acceleration) but when I move the view the on the 1:1 zoom with the hand, lightroom hung every time I move a significant part of the image.


      anyway I thought if I upgrade my GPU it may resolve those issue and make things a bit faster.


      any suggestions or anyone who has similar issues and can shed some light will be kindly appreciated.