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    After Effects CS6 Videos verdreht?


      Guten Tag,

      ich habe eine schnelle Frage bezüglich des bearbeiten von Handyvideos in After Effects (CS6). Die Videos kommen meist in einer 1920x1080 Auflösung, sprich FullHD, bei mir an, werden aber sobald ich sie in After Effects stelle, um 90Grad verdreht, um dem eigentlichen Format zu entsprechen. Rendere ich diese nun und schicke sie wieder an mein Handy ist das Video wie erwartet zwar noch in FullHD aber halt um 90Grad gedreht und ich habe keine Ahnung wieso, immerhin ist es doch auch FullHD auf meinem Smartphone und auf dem ganzen Bildschirm anzeigbar, gibt es da irgendwas was ich vergessen habe?

      LG, Leo.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Yes, there's something you forgot -- YOU FORGOT TO SHOOT NORMAL HORIZONTAL VIDEO!


          Do you turn your television set on its side when you want to watch it?  No!

          When you look at videos on YouTube, are they horizontally - oriented? Yes!


          Don't try to use AE as a crutch for your shortcomings as a photograper.

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            joelkk Level 1

            Sadly It´s not me shooting the videos, im just a poor, free time editor looking for a way to fix this.

            But if theres no way to do so, I guess I should be saying thanks right now.

            Thanks Dave

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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              Sorry.  Give that lecture to the person who shot the video.


              I can not tell you how many times I have given that lecture to otherwise-intelligent people who should know better.  This includes web site developers and news reporters -- FOR TELEVISION STATIONS!  A television station! Can you believe it?


              It is like a disease is sweeping the planet -- it turns them into Vertical Video Zombies.

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                joelkk Level 1

                Haha, yeah, I know what you mean.

                Good thing im not in the business or anything, Im just trying to make people laugh with my Videos,

                sadly they get ruined by those "Vertical Video Zombies"

                Stay Strong Dave, the world will change again!

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 6

                  The best you can do for the vertical video you have is the following:

                  • Make a 1920x1080 comp.
                  • Duplicate the rotated clip twice.
                  • Put a blur on the bottom  clips. Use the Levels effect to make them darker.  Move one to the right side, and one to the left side.
                  • Apply Detail-Preserving Upscale to the top clip.  Position it to fit the action in the shot.
                  • Render.

                  Now, you don't HAVE to blur the bottom 2 layers, but it helps!  You can add other effects to them, too.  I use the method above when I'm confronted with vertical video, and you can believe that I curse the individual who shot it every time I have to do it.