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    Animate CC & xml import


      I have recently changed from CS4 to Animate CC. Previously, I imported xml data in to dynamic text fields using the following AS:

      var xmlData:XML = new XML();

      var theURL_ur:URLRequest = new URLRequest("affiche.xml");

      var loader_ul:URLLoader = new URLLoader(theURL_ur);

      loader_ul.addEventListener("complete", fileLoaded);


      function fileLoaded(e:Event):void


              xmlData = XML(loader_ul.data);


      CAM_txt.text = xmlData.CAM;

      CAL_txt.text = xmlData.CAL;

      CPM_txt.text = xmlData.CPM;

      CPL_txt.text = xmlData.CPL;

      DAM_txt.text = xmlData.Double_AM;

      DAL_txt.text = xmlData.Double_AM_limite;

      DPM_txt.text = xmlData.Double_PM;

      DPL_txt.text = xmlData.Double_PM_limite;




      I created an HTML5 canvas using the same script and the web page doesn't display anything (a white page). Can I import xml into an HTML5 canvas? If so, can somebody help me with the coding?

      Thank You

      Jody S