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    PNG sequence renders at 2.54 PPI - anyway to get it to 72?

    MikeHoium Level 1

      I am creating PNG sequences of a product spin in C4D at 72 dpi, then bringing them in to AE for to add a few things, then rendering out PNG sequences for the final delivery. The problem is that the PNGs out of AE are 2.54 ppi, and need to be 72 ppi.


      Before anyone starts typing why this doesn't matter - I know it does not matter at all what the ppi/dpi is for video, my client has not had any problems, and I have explained that it doesn't matter - but their clueless print designer insists to them that this is a BIG problem and they won't drop it so I'd like to see if there is a solution.


      Right now I have a Photoshop action that changes the PNGs ppi back to 72 - but I'd like to both understand why it is 2.54 ppi out of AE and see if there is a way to get them to be 72 ppi right out of AE