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    Document size for epub in 2016

    Mirta Sander

      Hi all - i need to design a small manual for a design class.

      The director of the school say me that need an epub!

      Epub what? I use Publish on line and DPS and you ask me an epub?


      Some questions:

      1) what is the correct document size for epub for desktop + tablet + smartphone? 1024*768 OR 2048*1536 OR what?


      2) The pages must be single or spread?


      3) To cover desktop and all device confirm i need to export "Epub reflowable"?

      I think an "epub fixed layout" is not reflowable on device, correct?

      But in 2016 with "epub fixed layout" is this still correct "Epub reflowable" (I think this an old gun)?


      4) Can i publish an "Epub reflowable" OR an "epub fixed layout" on ibook store, Google Play and Amazon?


      Really thanks!