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    Hardware for recording and saving




      what is a good solution, to save datas for my videos?

      At the moment i use a MacBook pro with SSD. But there ist not so much space to save all the videos, and additional resources.


      When i create a video with Premiere Pro, i import the datas to the project. But i think, that ist will create only a link to my resources. Is this right?

      I it a good idea to place the resources to an external HDD, and to import from this place, or is it better to create a directory locally onto my notebook, where i place the resources all in it. When i finish the video, i can copy all resources to the external hdd.


      Thanks for help.

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            I would suggest acquiring the exciting new generation of  USB 3.0 Flash Drives like the Samsung T1 or the newer T3.  This drive has the following read write rates.at reasonable costs

            I am using several of these devices to have a whole project that is fully transportable from my (PC) laptop to my workstation or to my archive storage.  Here is the 113GB that I have for this workflow for the three camera concert that recently worked and all on the T1..  One camera is a Sony FDR-AX100 shooting 4K at 100 Mbits/second, the other two are 1080 AVCHD


            My laptop is an i7-4700HQ with 24 GB of RAM and  a Samsung 840 Pro SSD and it plays smoothly