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    Adding pointer on rollover in Adobe Animate CC


      I am starting to use the HTML5 Canvas option in Adobe Animate CC to make a 300x250 banner. I added this code from the code snippet section to my movieclip

      this.bg_clickTag.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToWebPage); 

      function fl_ClickToGoToWebPage() { window.open("http://www.google.com", "_blank");


      var frequency = 3;


      this.bg_clickTag.addEventListener("mouseover", fl_MouseOverHandler); 

      function fl_MouseOverHandler() { 

      //this.bg_clickTag.cursor = "pointer";

      //bg_clickTag.cursor = "pointer";

      //cursor = "pointer";

      //alert("Moused over"); 


      I get the click though just fine, the issue I am having is the the cursor/pointer is not changing once I mouse over.

      I am able to get the cursor/pointer change if I change the movieclip to a button, but I would rather keep it a movieclip.