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    Putting Files

    john stephanites Level 2

      The seems like a simple question but one I would like to know before I try. If I put files to the server does it overwrite the file on the server if it has the same name?

      Here's what Adobe says about getting an putting.



      Get files:

      Copies the selected files from the remote site to your local site (overwriting the existing local copy of the file, if any)

      If Enable File Check In And Check Out is enabled, the local copies are read-only; the files remain available on the

      remote site for other team members to check out. If Enable File Check In and Check Out is disabled, the file copieswill have both read and write privileges


      Put File(s)

      Copies the selected files from the local site to the remote site.

      In the Putting of files it does not mention if the file is overwritten or the file is placed in to the site and the original kept as well. It would seem to me that it should be overwritten

      if the same name but I think the last time I did it it did not over write and I had issues so I was wondering what everyone else does. Thanks!

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          Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Putting files will overwrite files on the server unless your server settings are messed up.


          One situation where that's not the case would be when you upload a file with a different CaSe StRucTuRe. Servers are case sensitive, so if you have a page locally, called index.html that you change and upload to the server, where the same page is called INDEX.HTML, it will load as a separate file. On the server, case structure differences are treated as separate files. On your local machine, a link to index.html or INDEX.html will go to the same file, you aren't allowed to have two with the same name, in the same directory,no matter what the case structure is.

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Sometimes, the FTP won't replace the old file with a new one.  I've encountered this a few times both in DW and FileZilla (a 3rd party FTP Client).   I found that physically deleting the old file from remote server and then uploading new one did the trick.


            Nancy O.

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              john stephanites Level 2

              So it does replace the file unless there's a glitch, Thank you!

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                MurraySummers Level 8

                I've rarely experienced the problem that Nancy mentions, and yes, definitely putting the file will overwrite any existing file with the same name.