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    I need to use InDesign as a templating tool, where placemarkers are set in a document and later replaced as needed for a variety of languages and values, then produce a PDF. Is this possible?


      I am a Java Developer, so I would prefer Java APIs, or other tools that can be used through Java to accomplish my goals. The use case is that I have a customer that creates a template in InDesign, which has some text marker in it like ${firstName}. They then upload that InDesign document to a server to store it. At a later date, someone would request the document with the name "Mark" in it, where I would find the ${firstName} text and replace it with "Mark", then create a PDF and serve that to the consumer. I cannot find anything that seems to support this outside of the application. I think the documentation is extremely difficult to read and shows too small of examples for me to see how this is possible.


      Please help me find a way to do this so that my users can create documents in InDesign and I can serve up PDFs based on the document templates that they have created.