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    return to story view from timeline view


      I started a project in story view that allowed me to logically group pictures, video and audio by chapter. After I had my outline defined, I switched to timeline view to do detailed work on transitions etc. I realized I need to add a few more chapters, and find the story mode more convenient for grouping and rearranging assets. Can someone tell me how to return to the story view? I have looked through every menu structure I see, and none bring me back to the screen where I can add a chapter and more content.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It always helps to know which version of the program you're using and on what operating system.


          It sounds like you're talking about Video Story (as opposed to InstantMovie). If that's the case, once your video is output from the Video Story workspace, it appears on your timeline as a sequence of clips, titles, effects and songs. Once it's done that, you can't return it to the Video Story workspace for re-editing that I know of. You must finish editing your project on the timeline.


          Video Story is mainly for assembling your movie via templates. Once you're done and you leave the Video Story space, it becomes a video project on your timeline.