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    Lightroom keeps generating lrcat.lock files still

    st obias


      I can no longer open my catalogues. I think since installing Windows 10. Various threads suggest deleting the lrcat.lock file. But whenever I try opening the cat LR generates a new one. So I'm still getting the error LIGHTROOM CANNOT USE THE CATALOGUE [xxx] BECAUSE IT IS NOT WRITABLE AND CANNOT BE OPENED.

      (BTW my hard drive has plenty of space).

      Any suggestions?


      Thank you.

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi st obias,


          The error that you are getting is related to permissions.

          Lock file is created each time when you launch Lightroom and it automatically disappears when you quit Lightroom and lock file creation is required as it blocks from opening more than one catalog at a time. So that should not be an issue here.


          You need to check the location where your catalog is stored and make sure the parent folder has full read and write permissions.