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    designated file size


      I am batch processing images to be all 50 mbs or smaller.....there are some larger and there are smaller....I check ...do not enlarge....but the original images larger than 50 mbs....are still larger than the 50mbs limit after processing....please help

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          So what are you exporting?  JPGs, TIFFS, original??

          What are your re-sizing options in the export dialog?

          Are you using the [Limit File Size....]  option?  ( 1000K = 1MegaByte .   50,000K = 50MegaBytes )


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            trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What dimensions in pixels (Example: 5616 x 3744) and file format (TIFF, PSD, JPEG) are the original image files?


            Why are you trying to make all of the image files = 50 Megabytes in File Size....what is your objective?


            What is the target usage for the Export files (make prints, archive, etc.)?