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    Nav Problem Involving external html file

      Hi there,

      I've encountered a problem that has left me puzzled and confused as to what to do to solve it. I have a this code that allows me to load an external HTML file. I also have 5 buttons on my main timline that open up different sections on the main page. Two of those five buttons involve this code that loads external HTML files. My problem is that when you play the swf the file will load fine, but when you click on a different button, the new section will come up but also the txt from the previous section will stay on the screen.

      Although if you were to go from the first section that has the HTML file to the other section that has the HTML file, it will work fine, as to say that the first section will go away and the new section will show up as it should.

      The code that i have for HTML loading is as follows:

      var nWidth:Number = mcDisplayBackground._width;
      var nHeight:Number = mcDisplayBackground._height;
      var nX:Number = mcDisplayBackground._x;
      var nY:Number = mcDisplayBackground._y;
      var nInterval:Number;
      this.createTextField("tArticle", this.getNextHighestDepth(), nX, nY, nWidth, nHeight);
      tArticle.multiline = true;
      tArticle.wordWrap = true;
      tArticle.textColor = 0xFFFFFF;
      tArticle.html = true;
      tArticle.condenseWhite = true;

      var lvArticleContent:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
      lvArticleContent.onData = function(sHTMLData:String):Void {
      tArticle.htmlText = sHTMLData;

      var cssStyles:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
      cssStyles.onLoad = function():Void {
      tArticle.styleSheet = this;

      mcScrollUp.onPress = function():Void {
      nInterval = setInterval(scrollArticle, 50, "up");
      mcScrollUp.onRelease = function():Void {
      mcScrollDown.onPress = function():Void {
      nInterval = setInterval(scrollArticle, 50, "down");
      mcScrollDown.onRelease = function():Void {
      function scrollArticle(sScrollDirection:String):Void {
      if(sScrollDirection == "up") {
      else {


      Please help me out with this, i would grately appreceiate it.