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    3/3/2016 - Beta - Flash Player

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      Welcome to the latest Flash Runtime version 21 beta!  We've been hard at work adding new features to Flash Player and AIR and we're looking forward to receiving feedback from our development and Flash Player community.

      This beta release includes new features as well as enhancements and bug fixes related to security, stability, performance, and device compatibility for Flash Player 21 and AIR 21.  For full details, please see our release notes.



      New Features for Flash Player 21:


      • Flash Player Anonymous Usage Data – BETA CHANNEL ONLY

      Adobe is constantly working to improve the quality of our products. With this new feature, we’ll be able to collect anonymous usage data from our beta channel, allowing our engineering team to focus on features and platforms that are critical to our customers. Please note that this feature will only work with beta versions of Flash Player. We will not collect data from officially released versions of Flash. The Flash Player installer will now present customers a check box option for “Usage Data”, allowing users the choice to opt in or out of this feature. Once Flash Player has been installed, customers can open the Flash Player control panel to change their selection at any time.


      While Flash Player is available on many platforms, we will only collect data from ActiveX on Windows XP, Vista and 7 and NPAPI on both Windows and OSX platforms.


      Once enabled, a new system service (“FeedbackService”) will be installed and will receive data from running Flash Player instances. This service will log data into a text file and periodically send non identifiable and anonymous information to Adobe’s servers.  We will not collect any personal identifying information.


      We recommend visiting our FAQ if you have any questions regarding this feature.


      • GPU Memory Information In Context3D

      When a Context3D object is created, developers allocate memory for various Stage3D structures which includes index buffers, vertex buffers, textures, and programs. Prior to Flash and AIR 21, the only way to verify the memory allocated by the current Context3D is through values displayed by Scout. With the release of Flash Player and AIR 21, a new property of context3D class called "totalGPUMemory" has been introduced which provides the sum of gpu memory used by the index buffers, vertex buffers, textures, and programs created through Context3D.


      The total value can be obtained by property "Context3D.totalGPUMemory;".


      The value of this property is in bytes and its default value is 0.  The information is only provided in direct mode on mobile and in direct and gpu mode on desktop ( On desktop computers, using <renderMode>gpu</renderMode> will fallback to <renderMode>direct</renderMode>).  This property can be used when the SWF version is 32 or more .


      • Support for Browser Zoom Factor in Firefox

      We’ve extended the support for Browser Zoom Feature that proposes scaling of Flash content in the web browser in response to web page zoom factor change. The feature is already available for the ActiveX and PPAPI plugin (link).


      It will be available from FP version 21 and is currently available on Firefox Nightly 45.0a1, the official Firefox version supporting the feature has yet to be announced.

      • PPAPI vector printing on OSX

      As of Flash Player version 19, Vector Printing has only been available for NPAPI while PPAPI supported only bitmap printing. Hence there was an observable difference in printing quality between NPAPI and PPAPI (with NPAPI being better). Now in version 21, we have introduced vector printing for PPAPI for OSX, thus giving a better printing experience from PPAPI supported browsers and applications.  The bitmap printing functionality will continue to be supported and used when requested by the content.


      • Simplified LSO UI

      Flash player provides an per domain/swf option to store locally shared objects on user's system. In the past, users could specify the size up to which a domain or SWF could save their LSOs on their machine. We have now simplified the LSO UI Options.  This Simple LSO feature will change the permission scheme and related dialogs to only allow/deny and universally imposes a rational upper limit to the LSO size. End users will no longer be able to specify the size of LSOs (but will be able to approve if LSOs can be created or not).

      Fixed Issues

      • Preparation for next week's official release



      About the Beta Channel

      Beta Versions of Flash Player are available for automatic installation via our Background Update service.  Please subscribe to automatically receive update notifications for future Runtime announcements.