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    Combining adjustment layers


      Hi there!


      I´ve been around photoshop for years and now i´m begining with after effects.


      My question is.


      Is there any way to merge or group different adjustment layers in order to save the effect to use later in premiere?

      i would like to do that because i got the look i wanted with different adjustment layers but i just can save one effect at a time, and i would like to save all together

      keeping the aspect of those adjustment layers one behind another.


      Thanks a lot in advance



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No. Unfortunately you cannot save layers in animation presets. Just the property stream data (effects, masks, other parameters). In any case, and that's a strictly personal observation, people go all crazy about using adjustment layers and seem to have totally forgotten that effects can be applied to any layer directly. So rather than fiddling around with unnecessary extraneous layers, try to achieve your results within an effects stack and then save the whole stack to a preset.