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    Physics in a 3D model- I want as little reaction as possible.

    Scifo Level 1
      I'm currently using 3DS Max to apply phsics values to objects, but I might have to do this in Director instead, but I'll find out this soon enough.

      My problem is that my scene actually begin with all of the object falling from a very small height (0.01 or sthg). I should probably start with my objects placed on the ground, but I'm not sure how to do this right now because parts on the two objects (the ground, and say a car) are in the same area.
      When I drop my objects from this height I want them to land and stop effectively just below where they are placed them. I would have thought this could be ahieved my putting the elasticity of both the ground and the car to nearly zero (0.001) and putting the friction of them both up full ( It goes up to 5, but I got some message saying that 1 was the maximum realistic result so I've got it at 0.999). There is also the mass that can be altered but I don't think that this has agreat effect.

      Am I going about this completley the wrong way or am I pretty close to getting the objects to drop to the ground and effectivley stay where they land?